Newsletter – Insights for CSR Workshops – Forum China-Europa – #7


#7 – 3rd September 2010

Dear 2010 CSR Workshops Prime Movers:

Herewith is the 7th Newsletter.

Please do not hesitate to give me your feedback, as well as indicate possible items for the next newsletter.

Feel free to forward this newsletter to other participants of your workshops.

Thank you very much.

Joelle Brohier

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Millennium Development Goals and the Private Sector (Global)

UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals, 20-22 Sept. 2010, New-York: Some events focus on the role of the private sector

Business Initiatives for the Poor

Kingsun Optoelectronic, Philips, Zhuhai Leadsun Electronic Technology take steps to bring light to off-grid villages (French)

Danone Grameen initiative in Bangladesh : affordable yogurts, local economic development  

Public Policies for Climate Change and the Environment

Beijing orders closure of obsolete plants of 2,087 companies on the ground of their poor energy efficiency

China has announced a US$ 736 Billion plan to harness renewable and nuclear energies – To be approved by the government

UK: Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme for businesses – Minister calls to busi
nesses to join in larger numbers

France: Ministry for Sustainable Development signs Sustainable Development Charter with telecoms companies (French)

Public Policies

Hong Kong: Public consultation for the rewrite of the city’s Company Ordinance – Oxfam calls for Directors’ duties and more disclosure on CSR

Germany: The government has drafted a tax on bank profits – Money raised would allow dealing with potential failure of a financial institution

Swiss government: Proposed International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers

Company initiatives

Singaporean Flextronics partners with Tsinghua University in Beijing to create a comprehensive CSR curriculum

Nestlé announces CHF 500 Million (Euro 385 Million) plan for Sustainable Coffee

CSR Implementation and Impact

Li Rongrong, Head of SASAC: All central enterprises will release CSR Reports in 3 years

SASAC 2009 Review: Stresses that central enterprises should implement CSR

European Commission-funded research programme, 2010-2013: « Impact Measurement and Performance Analysis of CSR »

NGOs’ calls for CSR 

A coalition of 34 Chinese environmental NGOs accuses global IT brands of being involved through their supply chain in heavy metal poisoning cases in China

NGO report: European companies with global labour rights’ policies undermine workers’ rights in the US

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