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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the business contribution to Sustainable Development and their responsibility towards the social and environmental impacts of their activities. Companies must comply with international legislations, and integrate into their management the concerns of their stakeholders on social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumers matters. CSR combines economic logic, Social Responsibility and environmental responsibility. Since 2006, RSE et PED informs CSR in emerging and developing countries. In 2012, to further support the intake of CSR in the South, RSE et PED launches the CSR online community.

Our vision
At the end of the 1990’s, 1.4 billion people survived on less than a dollar a day and 1 billion people suffered from hunger. To address this situation, on 1st September 2000, 189 UN Member States committed to achieve the 8 MillenniumDevelopmentGoals(MDGs) by 2015. These objectives aim at fighting hunger and poverty, protecting the environment, improving access to education and health, promoting gender equality, and establishing a global partnership for development.
Achieving the MDGs requires the mobilization of all stakeholders, including businesses.
The private sector is vital to Development: without economic activity, there is no Development. However, companies often cause negative social and environmental impacts, and the wealth they generate does not always benefit to people from the South. In the South, more than anywhere else, companies must act responsibly and sustainably. That is the purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
RSE et PED believes that the dissemination and exchange of knowledge and information is instrumental for implementation of CSR in emerging and developing countries.

Our mission and objectives
We started in 2006 with the aim of informing and raising awareness about CSR in the South.
Today, our renewed www.RSE-et-PED.info website seeks to involve and engage stakeholders on CSR, to better disseminate CSR information from the South throughout the North, to equip actors from the South with better access to information, CSR expertise and tools, and finally to promote the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in emerging and developing countries.

RSE et PED aims to achieve its mission through:

  • Improved and equitable access to information,
  • Expert knowledge and tools related to CSR,
  • Diffusion and sharing of best practices,
  • Connection of, and dialogue between all types of actors from developed, developing and emerging countries
  • Strengthening of South players’ capacities.

RSE et PED builds on:

  • A unique and dedicated website to facilitate the exchange and access to CSR information,
  • A network of local contributors who provide an anchor country,
  • A multi-stakeholder global community that gives scope to the activities and connects actors,
  • Web-based communication tools (online forums, webinars, social networks …)

Since its creation in 2006, www.RSE-et-PED.info offers balanced information on a daily basis.
RSE et PED website, provides links to more than 8000 articles, from more than 1000 organisations. Our contributors, community members, partnering organisations send us articles and resources to put online; and in addition, we operate media watch and search processes.
The RSE et PED community gather different types of actors involved in CSR in all countries. It offers forums for discussions, and various activities (online seminars, training …). It allows members to engage in CSR and get in touch with each other to discuss or collaborate.
Our newsletter, featuring a selection of articles, is sent fortnightly. It provides a quick overview of current global CSR news as well as CSR news from the South. Subscribe to our newsletter by registering in the dedicated area.
Moreover, we implement ad hoc projects with partner organizations.
All our activities are multi-stakeholder and reflect the diversity of opinions and perspectives on CSR and its themes. We do not take position in relation to the views presented.

The association
The Association RSE et Développement was registered in France in 2007 to support the development of the website www.RSE-et-PED.info. Its purpose is to inform and participate in research on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in emerging and developing countries, as well as to educate and involve all stakeholders, to promote business contribution to the Millennium Development Goals.
The Board of RSE et Développement is composed of the two founders, two company executives, three NGO leaders and an expert on responsible finance.
The RSE et Développement Advisory Committee comprises media representatives, a University Professor, an NGO official and a corporate executive.
RSE et Développement relies on a network of partners and contributors, who are regularly consulted on strategy, objectives and community projects.
The co-founders and volunteers carry out the association’s activities on a voluntary basis.
As part of our development, we want to raise funds to build up a permanent team.
RSE et Développement has no political or religious purpose.

Engaging with us
If you are interested in participating in our activites and community, or in partnering with us, please contact us: joelle.brohier (at) rse-et-ped.info.

Thank you!

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